Freight Forwarding Agents

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Freight forwarding agents are those persons or companies that act as agents who negotiate for shippers. They are essentially intermediaries who have access to thousands of carriers with whose services and records they are familiar. Forwarding agents can save the shipper a substantial amount of time and money.

Using Freight Brokers

If a shipper had to find a carrier every time he wanted to move his products, he might not get the service he needed at the best time or for the best price. In fact, the shipper would almost certainly have to pay a salary to someone who could arrange for, negotiate, and supervise the entire process. That could result in several salaries.

Freight forwarding agents who do the searching and negotiating for the shipper conduct a lot of their business online. They often have dedicated lane agreements with carriers so that the carriers maintain loads both going to and coming from specified destinations. That saves the carrier money because he avoids paying for the gas to drive an empty truck back to a yard.

Because the freight forwarder has saved both the manufacturer and the carrier money, the end result is usually that the cost to the consumer of the shipped products may be lower as well. The process is more efficient than if each shipper and carrier attempted to make all the contacts, negotiate, and supervise on their own. Freight forwarders are especially helpful when the load is unusual or requires special handling.

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