Georgia Freight Brokers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Shippers in the State of Georgia have several options when it comes to insuring that their transportation needs are addressed in the most professional and most cost-effective manner. They can, for example, access an online freight carrier list to find the right company to meet their needs. Unfortunately, that can often mean searching through the several thousand listed carriers. Then they would have to start making contacts with the companies that look acceptable.

Georgia Freight Services Experts

Making contact is actually only the beginning of the process. Negotiating terms and rates, making sure the carrier is licensed and insured, and discovering information about their service records can be a time-consuming process. A better option is contacting a licensed freight broker/freight logistics expert. These companies have contracts with thousands of carriers and know both the carriers' rates and service records.

Because they bring so much business to the carriers, they can negotiate the lowest possible rates. They can address contract terms and insure that the contract meets legal requirements as well as addressing a shipper's special needs. Essentially they are a one-source transportation solution. Some even offer state-of-the-art tracking technology that brings the shipper peace of mind when his loads are in transit.

Finding the Best Route

Georgia freight brokers can handle all kinds of shipping methods from refrigerated transit to custom flat bed arrangements and LTL shipments. Many of them can even handle international shipping. The main service they provide, however, is taking all of the stress out the shipping process while saving the shipper both time and money.

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