How To Become A Freight Broker

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Becoming a freight broker is now possible with the advent of schools that teach every level of the process from basics to advanced. While there are professionals in the freight industry that simply want to increase their knowledge of the process, there are others who actually want to establish their own businesses. Generally, getting to the second level requires more specific training.

Freight Broker Careers

One way to get the necessary training is to look for on-the-job training with a brokerage within the commute area. This is a good way to gain the skills you need in a hands-on way. For those who learn by doing rather than discussing, this may be the route to take. Also, since on-the-job training demonstrates real-world skills and success, it is a preferred option for many.

Another good option is to go through TIA. The Transportation Intermediaries Association has information on the best schools to train with. Since some broker schools are somewhat cost-prohibitive, it's crucial to find a school that will give you all the necessary training at a reasonable price.

Through their training, potential brokers need to learn how to go about setting up a firm and obtaining required licensing. They need to understand the broker/agent roles and how brokers work with both shippers and carriers. Phone skills are crucial as are basic sales skills and marketing. Key skills include learning how to negotiate with shippers and carriers; how to book, find, and move freight; how to spot "hot" freight areas; and how to properly fill out load sheets.

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