Logistics Services Providers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Logistics service providers offer a variety of services that add value to carriers while reducing costs for shippers. Sometimes logistics providers are licensed freight brokers. In either case, they focus on making the shipping process more efficient and keeping costs down across the board. A successful provider brings together shippers and the best carriers for the job at the best prices.

Tracking Your Shipping

One of the key pieces of logistics is making sure that everyone who needs to knows where the load is at all times. The logistics provider is responsible for insuring that audits are conducted and that the numbers match the bills of lading. Minimizing loss is as important as maximizing profit. Nothing should be lost during the shipping process, and connecting the right parties in the supply chain is critical.

Logistics services providers negotiate contract terms and rates, and schedule loads. They can "hook up" a small shipper with a carrier that supports a dedicated lane on a regular basis while still being able to schedule an unusual load when needed. Using their expertise in moving freight, they insure that all documentation is accurate and that all regulations are met.

Logistics Today

Logistics play a significant role in just about every industry today. When it comes to shipping, especially since deregulation, the concept is even more important than it was in the past. It is crucial to keeping costs and losses to a minimum and is often outside the capabilities of the shipper. Using a logistics professional can make a significant difference to a manufacturer's bottom line and to her level of customer satisfaction.

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