Ltl Trucking Companies

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Shippers whose loads are too small to fill an entire trailer typically use LTL trucking companies to haul their freight. The advantage of using an LTL (less than load) company is that the shipper will not have to pay for an entire trailer or truck, but rather, will share the cost with other small shippers. Many major shipping companies maintain entire divisions dedicated to moving smaller loads, while some carriers will only haul LTL loads.

LTL Trucking

LTL companies use impressive logistics management techniques to perform scheduling and routing activities. The process is far more complex than planning routes for full load trucks, and it may include varying rates for different shippers. The goal, as always, is to make sure the carrier can manage to meet the shipper's expectations in terms of safe and on-time delivery.

LTL trucking companies make up a major segment of the industry. They provide jobs that allow experienced drivers to stay fairly close to home while still earning a good wage. They also fill a short-run niche in the shipping world that meets the supply chain needs of many cities and even rural areas.

Selecting an LTL Carrier

Because of the number of LTL carriers available, finding the right one can be difficult. Shippers may not understand rate structures or the complexities involved in routing and consequently, may not get the best deal up front. Making use of the services and expertise of a qualified freight broker may be a good choice. Brokers can negotiate the best deals with the best carriers because they provide the carriers with a significant amount of work.

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