Motor Freight

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Motor freight is the method of choice for moving goods and services within the country. Even though there are other shipping methods such as air freight and shipping on major waterways, trucking far surpasses both of those in volume. The use of trucks to move freight is, in fact, growing every year.

The term applies to any type of trucks moving goods from one place to another. This can mean local service or long distance. It can apply to semis hauling new cars or computer monitors, or it can refer to trucks delivering fruit to market. As long as populations continue to grow, the trucking industry must expand to meet greater and greater consumer needs.

A Career in Motor Freight

Freight shipping companies are always looking for good drivers to haul their loads. Many of them now post available loads on the Internet, including both jobs and independent contract loads. If you're a driver, you can post your resume on the same site where the shippers will be able to access it.

Depending on your qualifications, you may start to get calls almost immediately. While there is usually a small monthly fee charged in order to be able to post, you may soon find that it is well worth the minimal expense. Think about it. You can check your local newspaper, or you can have access to thousands of jobs and loads every day. If you truly want a career in freight shipping, using the Internet as a job search tool is a good place to start.

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