Online Event Registration

Written by Rylee Newton
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No matter if you're planning a conference for the members of your fraternity, or you're planning an event to raise funds for cancer research, one of the best ways to manage attendance for your event is through online registration. In the past, event organizers had to rely on fax machines and phones to confirm attendance. Thanks to recent advances, you can now do everything from registration and confirmation to payments and follow-up information gathering online.

Online event registration is ideal for conferences, trade shows, educational seminars, sporting events, alumni gatherings, and even singles events. To date, the availability of online registration has significantly increased attendance for a wide variety of different events. No matter if you're planning a small conference for medical specialists, or you're trying to set a world record for the largest gathering of left-handed people, online registration offers you the tools you need to manage attendees.

Reducing Human Error

When you work with an online event registration provider, you don't have to worry about human error. As someone who has arrived at an event, only to find out my registration was never processed, I have experienced the frustrating reality of human error. If you want to ensure repeat business, you simply can't afford to make any mistakes in the registration process.

When you manually enter registration information, one of the first things you must do is decipher handwritten information. Some people fill out forms quickly, while others have sloppy or illegible handwriting. Staff members must read the information off these forms, and enter it into a database. Many times staff members spell names wrong, or enter the wrong credit card numbers. These mistakes compromise your moneymaking ability, and also jeopardize relationships with loyal customers.

The Bottom Line

When you work with an online event registration company you don't have to worry about overbooking your event. Thanks to an online database, you always know exactly how many people have registered for your event, and how many spaces you still have available. Online registration programs offer up-to-the-minute updates, which comes in handy as your event date approaches.

For many event organizers, capacity is the ultimate goal. If you're nearing the event date, and you still have available seats, you might want to consider reducing prices or offering additional incentives for registration. Some companies customize their online event registration programs to release additional seating as the event draws near.

Additional Online Advantages

When you work with an online event registration system, you not only improve event organization, but you also save money. Rather than spending money on printing fees and postage fees, you can conduct all of your correspondence online. You can send out confirmation e-mails and reminders free of charge.

Just because you're working with an online program doesn't mean you have to compromise content quality in your presentations. Most event registration providers allow you to customize your registration pages with special fonts and unique background colors. If you work with the right company, you can even add things to your registration page like photo images, streaming videos, and links to related websites.

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