Owner Operator Truck Driver

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Owner operator truck drivers have more freedom than the average worker. They can choose where they drive and what kinds of loads they take. They can plan their own lives so they can spend time with their families or attend college or take vacations twice a year instead of once.

If you have a dream of owning your own rig and being your own boss, you can make it come true with a little planning and some research online. There you will find trucks for sale and how to get the financing you need. You will also find information about managing your own business, how to get insurance, and how to calculate what you will need to put aside for taxes.

Learning How to Plan Your Schedule

As an owner operator truck driver, you will have almost total control over your schedule. It may surprise you to find that that often means working much harder, at least when you first start. The hard work, however, will pay you back with bonuses that other drivers don't ever see.

There are websites online that offer up to 20,000 loads per day, and many of them go to independents. You can post your resume and information on the Web. Once you have established a reputation for quality work, you will most likely start to get calls, and you will be in line for repeat work with the same shippers. You may even be able to establish a regular work schedule with one of the companies you work with.

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