Refrigerated Trucking

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Refrigerated trucking loads require special care. Anything shipped in refrigerated containers is there because the load is fragile and susceptible to rises in temperature. In many cases, the load will also be time sensitive. If you drive for a trucking company that offers refrigerated rigs, you will most likely have a signaling device in your truck so that customers can be reassured that their goods are where they should be at any given time.

If you're a qualified refrigerated truck driver, you can find loads online today. Your expertise is needed as the trucking industry continues to expand. Search for a job or a load at a freight broker site. There you will be able to post your resume so that trucking companies will call you. There is usually a small monthly fee to keep your resume posted online.

Finding Refrigerated Trucking Jobs Online

Whatever type of truck you want to drive, the best place to search for jobs or loads is on the Internet. Checking with local companies may offer you some success, but, when you find yourself in need of work, why not go to the largest resource available? Instead of accessing the few jobs that may be advertised in your local newspaper, you can view thousands of loads virtually every day.

When you include the fact that posting your qualifications online may very well get you more calls from freight companies than you can handle, Internet job searching makes even more sense. In fact, you can even apply for jobs online using your posted resume. You can also search for loads by category, so that, if you want to drive refrigerator trucks, you will have that option.

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