Symposium Registration

Written by Rylee Newton
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A symposium is a form of public presentation in which several different speakers present information on a particular topic. While the word sounds rather official, symposiums address a wide variety of topics and interests. If you're planning a symposium, it's a good idea to publish information, details, and registration forms online.

If you want to get people to sign up for your symposium, it's a good idea to post information or biographies about your guest speakers. People attend symposiums because they want to hear original opinions, new ideas, and persuasive speeches. Listing the speakers on your website is a great way to encourage attendance and increase registration.

Easy Symposium Registration

If you want to increase attendance for your next symposium, it's important to make it easy to register for your event. Posting your registration form online is not enough. Some people are still intimidated by the idea of posting personal and private information online. You need to make sure potential attendees feel comfortable posting information online.

One way to make people feel more comfortable filling out online registration forms, is to provide security information. This is especially important if people need to provide credit card information in order to pay for registration fees. If you really want to make people feel more comfortable transmitting sensitive information, you can provide a link to your credit processing company on the registration page. Otherwise, it's a good idea to use a well-known security icon such as the lock symbol.

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