Transportation Solutions Providers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Sometimes it's a little difficult to get a product from one end of the supply chain to the other. The issue may be the product itself, or it might be the cost, or the mode of transportation. It might be staffing or logistics management or even government regulations. In any of these cases, there are qualified professionals who can develop solid transportation solutions.

Third party logistics providers are often the answer. Companies that know transportation inside and out as well as all of the myriad obstacles that shippers and carriers may face can configure services and solutions for any type of company, any type of load. At the same time, these companies strive to reduce shipping costs and improve transportation processes in the bargain.

Shippers may hear the phrase, "transportation services" or "dedicated services" in relation to solving transportation problems. The solutions may include software applications, on-site personnel, or other forms of technology. Taking care of accounting and billing functions is critical as are routing and loading options. Tracking loads is also a key factor. Knowing where trucks are and estimating arrival times is a great peace-of-mind option for shippers.

The Successful Transportation Solution

The most important thing is to keep the trucks, boats, planes, or trains moving in the right direction at the right times. All of the benefits of transportation solutions companies revolve around delivery and, of course, prompt payment for services rendered. Keeping costs low means getting the right shipping rates. Freight brokers provide solutions by negotiating carrier contracts on behalf of shippers, and with literally thousands of carriers to choose from, can be a tremendous asset.

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