Truck Freight Brokers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Truck freight brokers are licensed professionals, usually with years of experience in the freight industry, who match shippers with carriers. They often act on behalf of the shipper but have contracts with huge numbers of carriers. The result is that truck freight brokers may be able to get shippers lower rates with top-notch carriers.

Freight Brokers and Logistics

Logistics is the science of handling details. When it comes to shipping, the fewer the details that the shipper has to handle, the more smoothly the process goes. This is especially true when hauling loads over long distances, hauling LTL (less than load) shipments across service areas, and dealing with exceptional need loads such as large loads or hazardous materials.

From the shipper's standpoint, the key factors in a relationship with a broker and carriers is whether his loads get to their destinations safely and on time and whether he is paying a fair price for services. One advantage of working with a broker is that the shipper will usually have access to real-time load tracking based on call-ins and/or GPS tracking. From the carrier's standpoint, billing may be streamlined and payments received faster.

On-Site Truck Freight Brokers

If the shipper is large enough and the loads are constant, a freight broker may offer to place an employee on-site to handle the broker and shipping processes. The on-site representative can address special needs arrangements. He or she can also deal with routing and third-party warehousing. Freight brokers are detail and bottom-line oriented, and they can benefit both shipper and carrier.

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