Trucking Agent

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Trucking agents find jobs for truck drivers. They connect both novice and experienced drivers with carriers that need their services and negotiate the relationship between the two. This can take a variety of forms, from an online connection to a personal call or meeting.

Finding Trucking Jobs Online

Online trucking agents often have lists of available jobs segmented into categories. In order to see the actual jobs that are waiting, the driver usually has to fill out an online application, and the agent will then attempt to match the driver with the job or jobs that fit best. Drivers may be looking for work with large, stable carriers in order to obtain specific benefits, such as short hauls that will allow the driver to stay fairly close to home.

Owner operators, however, may be looking for a different set of benefits. Some major companies are willing to work with owner operators, even to the extent of obtaining discounts on plates and registrations. Owner operators may be asked to fill the long-distance niche, to haul freight back and forth across the country.

Drivers who apply for trucking jobs online may have options in terms of which areas of the country they want as a base. Many choose to apply to carriers that operate out of their home area or their home state. Qualified drivers may get dozens of calls regarding open positions, and benefits are usually the deciding factor. From the standpoint of the carriers, the issues relate to a minimum level of experience, few or no moving violations, and personal and performance references. Some carriers want drivers over a certain minimum age. Truck brokers compare the requirements of the drivers with those of the carriers and try to make the best match.

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