Vitamin Fulfillment

Written by Linda Alexander
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Vitamin fulfillment services make it easy for you to own a vitamin company. Use a drop shipping service, which is basically a wholesaler that owns the merchandise. You do the sales and take orders, and they ship the products to your customers.

Services Offered by Vitamin Fulfillment Companies

If you are looking for private labeling, vitamin fulfillment companies can do this too. Some also provide custom formulations. Almost any nutritional supplement can be private labeled. Be aware, though, that many drop shippers will only ship within the United States.

Vitamin fulfillment wholesalers often charge reasonable prices for private labeling. Be sure to ask the company what the final cost includes. They may add in charges for the supplement, bottle and cap, label printing, label application, and packaging and packing materials. Any of these charges could be included, or they might be separate if you need those services.

Before you sign any contracts, ask whose name will be on the label. By law, the return address on the packages must be the drop shippers. However, they can use your company name and logo and many will do this for you. The more questions you ask, the more information you will have to make the right decision in choosing a company to distribute your vitamins.

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