Automated Test Equipment

Written by Rylee Newton
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Automated test equipment is the fastest and easiest way for technicians to trouble shoot problems in your manufacturing equipment. When you need to certify parts or entire electronic systems this test equipment can get the job done right the first time. It is important to work with equipment that meets industry certification standards. You cannot rely on equipment that has not been calibrated to perform to the degree of accuracy required for certification.

As more and more companies build electronic components into their manufacturing process, the need for automated test equipment increases. There are a number of companies to date that are in the business of buying, selling and renting used test equipment to companies all over the world. If you have test equipment that you no longer need, or you want to trade your current testing equipment in for different equipment, you can contact one of these companies to make arrangements.

Renting or Buying Used Automated Test Equipment

Some companies opt to rent automated test equipment. Believe it or not, some industry professionals say test equipment rentals is a billion dollar business. Companies from just about any industry you can thing of rent equipment every year for certification and special projects. Renting equipment is also easier on the budget, and easier to manage in the bookkeeping records than buying equipment outright. Many companies require a minimum rental term of at least one month.

If you need testing equipment for full-time monitoring and analysis you can find a number of companies that will sell you used equipment as significant price reductions. Because there are so many companies in the business of selling used test equipment you can expect to find some great deals. When you log onto the Internet you can find a listing of prices and available inventory for most companies. Most used equipment can be delivered in a week or less, and it should come with some sort of warranty on parts and services.

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