Cil-205 Labeler Specifications

Written by Sierra Rein
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For those curious about the machine, or for those who have questions about their own at work, here are a few CIL-205 labeler specifications. The CIL-205 labeler machine is a hot melt model capable of utilizing either hot or cold glue to affix labels onto round containers. An automatic rolling system feeds labels into the machine without assistance.

The CIL-205 labeler specifications require the containers to be no larger than 25 cm (10 inches) and a minimum of 3.175 cm (one and a quarter inches) in diameter. Labels must fall within the specific range of 89 mm by 26 mm (3.5 inches by one inch) minimum, 200 mm (eight inches) maximum. The machine has a processing rate of up to 30 pails or containers per minute.

The speed of the CIL-205 depends on a few factors, including the size of the container, the length of the label, and the processing rate of the operator himself. The CIL-205 labeler specifications include the employment of one unskilled operator to place containers onto the rolling platform and remove it after the labeling process has finished. Because the CIL-205 labeler automatically adjusts to changing container and label sizes, the operator need only change the label tray and roller guides to fit.

CIL-205 Labeler Specifications on Power and Economy

The CIL-205 machine can be purchased with a number of different energy requirements, including 110-120 v or 220-230 v. The operations space required is minimal and takes up roughly 50 cm by 66 cm of floor space and 91 cm of height when a waist-high cart is used for support. The machine itself is small enough to be placed on a tabletop and weighs approximately 165 lbs. during shipment.

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