Dn Filling Machines

Written by Sierra Rein
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Gravimetric machines that use weight to judge the volume of a filled container are also called DN filling machines. They help to increase the production outflow and filling capabilities of liquid and semi-liquid manufacturing companies. They can also increase accurate filling and reduce the error and product loss rates throughout the business year.

DN filling machines utilize electronic load cells to come to within 0.1 percent of the target mass weight. They are excellent when used to comply with laws and regulations regarding proper net weight labeling and packaging. These fillers can be refitted with explosion proof parts and electrical systems if the work area is deemed potentially hazardous.

Because many food and chemical manufacturers demand reliable and durable machinery for their products, most DN machines are built of either brass or stainless steel. Contact parts are made of titanium to ensure a long and tough life. All are designed to be quickly cleaned with minimal effort and feature indicating lights and manual overriding shut-down controls should the need for service arise.

The Versatility of DN Filling Machines

These machines can handle a number of differently sized containers and can do so with one to four filling nozzles of varying characteristics. Filling speeds of up to 600 20-liter (or five gallon) pails per hour can be reached if machine and operator are functioning at optimum power. If the material to be filled is of a foaming nature (i.e., facial cleansers, shaving gel, epoxy), sub-surface DN filling machines will be able to fill the containers without stimulating the liquid's expanding nature.

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