Filling Systems

Written by Sierra Rein
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Amongst all the different types of filling systems out there, a few rise to the top as the most affordable and economically sound methods for industrial beverage, chemical and petroleum companies. When it comes to accuracy, gravimetric weight-tripping (KN) and electronic (DN) filling machines are best. They are also very fast and can reach filling speeds of up to 600 20-liter (five gallon) pails per hour.

Some filling systems are designed as an integral part of a full filling and closing system. These two-in-one combination machines are extremely adept at high processing speeds and can reduce the need for extra floor space. Some systems include capping technologies as well as turntables and conveyor belt features to hasten the process along and provide completely operator-free lines of assembly.

There are several filling machines designed to function under dangerous or possibly hazardous conditions. Toxic or flammable chemical containers should only be filled by explosion proof filling systems. These systems are built with safe enclosures designed to contain any electrical spark and fire within the machine itself, protecting the human operator from harm in the event of an overfill or splash.

Purchasing Filling Systems in Person or Online

Before making a deal, make sure to bring all questions and concerns regarding your company's product and packaging needs to the sales representative. A good idea is to write down a list of the types and sizes of containers which will be filled, the projected amount of product which will be dispensed in a day, and whether an assembly line of lidders, cappers, or closers will need to be included. Many filling machine manufacturers have online presentations of their product lines, including email contact information, downloadable product brochures and filling machine specs.

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