Food Packaging Machinery

Written by Sierra Rein
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Food packaging machinery is essential to the health and well being of a large majority of the consumer population. In order to keep food tasting fresh and edible, food is packaged in a number of different ways, from paper and plastic bags to metal cans and plastic pails. However, it is usually machines, not human hands, which are the true workhorses behind this process.

The most popular types of food packaging machinery are vacuum packing, pail filling and soft bag/tote fillers. The latter type is used mainly for things like chips, frozen vegetables and grains. Pail filling is an incredibly popular type of food packaging machinery for bulk produce such as sauces, condiments, soup bases and grains for restaurants and fast food companies. Vacuum packing is used for those food products that must be airtight and free of any contact with airborne bacteria.

Some machinery is built for a particular size of bottle, pail or bag. However, large companies tend to appreciate machines which can handle a number of different sizes in order to meet consumer demands and change packaging choices as soon as is necessary. In addition to packaging machines, a business must also consider labeling tools as well.

The Care and Responsibility of Food Packaging Machinery

It is incredibly important to clean and maintain food packaging machinery on a regular basis throughout the year. Most machines come with a strict cleaning regiment, one that must be followed to meet FDA and health code standards. If you are a small business purchasing a food packager for the first time, be sure and speak with the manufacturer about the proper way to treat and clean your machine.

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