Friction Lid Cappers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Friction lid cappers use the power of outside force and flexibility to maintain a lid's hold around the neck of a well-fitting container. Technically speaking, a friction lid is a type of container closure usually called "snap-on." The top of the cap contains a gasket that is connected to the neck of the bottle or pail.

The lid, or cap, seals itself on through a friction fit around the circumference of the neck and will not be broken unless some outside force pries it away. Friction lid cappers are extremely cost-effective methods of closing pails, buckets, kegs and some bottles. With the right machine, a business can close up to 20 five-gallon pails within each minute.

There are several different methods by which friction lid cappers can function. Roller pail closers utilize the downward force of automatic "rolling pins" which snap the lids down as they go by in an assembly line. There is no need for an operator to be present during the machine's operation; however, he must be there to line up the lids and pails on the assembly belt.

Manual Friction Lid Cappers

Hand-held and powered lid cappers are also called "crimpers" and can be a great asset to a small business or one who needs a secondary method of capping. They can be utilized for a number of different lug cover pail sizes. Pneumatic-powered friction lid capping machines are also available for small businesses with demands for faster moving production lines.

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