Kn Filling Machines

Written by Sierra Rein
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For the filling of liquid and semi-liquid products, KN filling machines make excellent solutions for the accurate filling of many containers. Models can perform to speeds of up to 1,600 containers in an hour. Bu utilizing these machines, a company can increase productivity, increase accuracy of fill, and safely meet governmental standards for fill accuracy.

KN filling machines can fill containers of different sizes, between 500 ml and 25 liters. They can be provided with one to six nozzles, depending on the processing demands of the purchaser. In addition, there are several unique nozzles available for specific product characteristics, such as liquid viscosity and cleaning requirements. Depending on their usage (chemical, petroleum or food processing) these machines can be chosen with brass and steel, stainless steel, or titanium contact parts.

These factors make this particular group of machines a great investment for a business. KN filling machines are relatively simple and easy to maintain, and economically priced.

Including KN Filling Machines in an Assembly Line System

While filling machines can be purchased separately, many manufacturers offer combination packages. A filling machine can be matched with an appropriate cap tightener or closing machine to make the process go even faster and more efficiently. Be sure to ask the manufacturing company for a complete list of their filling and closing products before making a selection.

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