Labeler For Pails

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the best accessory machines to purchase for a packaging company is a good labeler for pails. Pails come in all sizes, from small individual-sized containers to regularly sized, 30 cm diameter ones. The easiest to label are the rounder models, although some labeling machines can handle square shapes.

From bar codes to ingredient lists and graphs to logo and product placement decorations, labels are designed to be informative, eye-catching and attractive to repeat consumers. The combination of a well-designed label and a fast system of placing them on industrial pails can create a quick and easy method of introducing a product to the market. Taking into account how effective labels are for modern industry, a labeler for pails is a great investment for any business.

How a Labeler for Pails Can Help Your Business

If you and your workers are manually gluing labels onto pails and other round containers, you may be wasting valuable man-hours and endangering yourself to repetitive muscle and joint stress. A single labeler for pails can place high-quality labels on 15 pails per minute. The machine can apply and pattern the glue automatically to fit the particular shape and size of each label.

The best type of labeler for pails will accept many different size labels that are fed quickly by an automatic hopper. As soon as the operator (a single, untrained factory worker) places a pail onto the mechanism, rollers begin to turn it towards the labeling dispenser. The glue is applied to the label, the label onto the pail, and the pail is ready to be removed by the operator and replaced with a new pail--it's that easy.

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