Liquid Filling Machines

Written by Sierra Rein
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For bottlers, canneries, chemical and beverage companies, liquid filling machines are the workhorses of the industry. Fitted with a pump, processor, and pressure-controlled nozzles, these machines can pump out liquid or semi-liquid product around the clock. They can fill paint, cleaning chemicals, juices, beer, beauty lotion, foam, and any number of other moderately viscous materials into a large variety of tubs, pails, bottles, cans and other containers.

Some liquid filling machines must work in tandem with solid filling machines. For example, most fish packing assembly lines will fill individual cans with solid tuna or salmon and then pass the cans under water or oil filling nozzles. In these cases, it is imperative that the company utilizes gravimetric scaled filling machines, either weight-tripped or electronic, to accurately fill each can to the desired weight.

Liquid filling machines can be purchased with one nozzle or many, depending on the purpose and demands of the company. For small businesses, or those that are home-based, minimally sized pneumatic fillers can be hung above the work area and manually operated. It is essential that explosion-proof machines be used with hazardous liquids or in areas that are dangerous in nature.

Proper Care of Liquid Filling Machines

Liquid machines in particular should be cleaned often to discourage clogging in tubing and any possible spoilage of food or beverage products. All moving parts should be well oiled and properly maintained to increase longevity and prevent future breakdowns. It is a good idea to purchase a popular style and model machine to simply and easily purchase the parts necessary for any necessary replacements.

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