Metal Pail Closers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Metal pail closers are available in several different model types, including manual, boom or hanging, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Because metal pail lids are tougher than plastic ones, these closing machines must be fitted with strong crimping and rolling parts and be able to tough out the repetitive demands set upon them. Fully automatic closers do not require the overseeing power of an operator, while semi-automatic ones require an operator to become a part of the process at specific points (usually to load or unload the pails in succession).

Before purchasing metal pail closers, the business should properly measure the three important distances by which most closing machine manufacturers base their products on. The first two measurements are the inside diameter measurement of the opening and the outside measurement (not forgetting the small roll of steel on the outer edge, called the chime). The second important measurement to take into account is the diameter of the lid from the inside edge of one crimping "lip" to the other.

There are several metal pail closers that are built in to filling and closing systems. These can be connected to other packaging machines as part of a larger assembly line or as an integral mechanism within a tower-shaped machine. The assembly line arrangement is better for companies that wish to allow themselves the freedom to change the configurations of their machines to fit business demands, while the all-inclusive machine is great for those who wish to use their spending power on one rather than several machines.

Metal Pail Closers for Minimum Volume Operations

If a company's daily demands only require one to thirty metal pails to be filled and closed, it is recommended that a manual lid crimper be purchased instead of a fully automated machine. Lug covers can be crimped shut with the use of a lever-controlled mechanism small enough to be placed on a tabletop or work station. For small conveyor belt assemblies, pneumatic-powered pail closers can be hung above the line and manually brought down to pail level by an operator to finish the lid closure process.

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