Metal Pail Fillers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Metal pail fillers are essential for the outflow of many industrial companies. Manufacturers of paint, chemicals, petroleum and food products rely on industrial-powered fillers to fill the containers necessary to do business. These can fill the largest of metal storage containers or small pails, depending on their function.

Metal pail fillers are designed to be incredibly simple to use. They usually require only one operator per machine and can accurately fill the appropriate metal containers to within half a percent of the target weight. They can be fitted with up to four filling nozzles, allowing one machine to fill 600 containers in an hour.

For hazardous environments, the pail fillers should be explosion-proof to prevent electrical fires. Most metal pail fillers can process plastic pails as well, and there are many models that handle a number of different pail sizes. These factors increase both safety and productivity and can help a new company develop newer product lines without risk.

Types of Metal Pail Fillers

There are two main filling mechanisms to assure accurate filling weights: weight tripping and electronic load cells. Weight tripping machines are older in design but incredibly durable. Electronic scales are more accurate than weight tripping fillers and include sub-surface models for foaming and semi-liquid products.

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