Pail Crimping Machinery

Written by Sierra Rein
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It is difficult to describe how important pail crimping machinery is in the modern industrial world. Whether used for storage or for consumer products, pails can be found everywhere, including paint and hardware stores, beauty product manufacturers, food and drug businesses and chemical plants. Crimping machines are a fast and economical way to close these containers easily with either plastic or metal lids.

There are several different methods by which crimping machines close pail lids onto containers. The major pail crimping machinery types are pressure closers, roller closers and pneumatic and manual crimpers. Some are stand-alone while others are tabletop oriented; the choice between these depends on the size and demands of the business in question.

Pressure and roller pail crimping machinery uses metal and rubber rollers connected to moving conveyor belts. The pail and lid are placed underneath these rollers and pressure is placed on one end of the lid. As the conveyor belt moves, this pressure is distributed over the length of the lid, squeezing excess air out and sealing the container without any bubbling.

Pneumatic and Manual Pail Crimping Machinery

These two types are typically found on tabletops and are incredibly portable. They can be found to fit most sizes of lug cover pails, including the new "UN" lids as well as the older 28 gauge style lids. Pneumatic and manual pail crimping machines require at least one operator and are not recommended for non-stop production lines.

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