Pail Crimping Machines

Written by Sierra Rein
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Pail crimping machines are essential for any food, chemical or petroleum business interested in maintaining fast and safe assembly lines without increasing labor costs. These machines assure a tight close for even the largest pail sizes. They are also great for small businesses who simply wish to grow and adjust their outflow to increasing demands.

Crimping machines come in either manual (CLM) or pneumatic (CLP) models. Pneumatic pail crimping machines can be hung over the closing area. All an operator has to do is center the pail below the main crimping mechanism and press a few buttons to turn it on and crimp the top onto the edges of the pail.

Manual models are best for small batches of lug cover pails, such as those containing 30 pails or fewer. These are shaped like inverted salad bowls with two large crimping handles standing through the top. An operator will place this above the pail and top combination, grab each handle and pull them down on top of the pail's edge to fully seal it.

Pail Crimping Machines for Metal Pails

It is important to measure the diameter of metal pails before purchasing a crimping machine. This is because many lug covers are not designed to fit standard pail crimping machines. The important measurements are the diameter (from the lid center to the "curl" of the tabs) and the outside and inside edges of the pail.

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