Pail Labelers

Written by Sierra Rein
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Pail labelers are relatively simple machines that can sit comfortably on a small tabletop or workspace area. They increase productivity by doing away with the manual labeling process and supporting a more uniform and professional look to product packages. Pail labelers also provide an easier and cost-effective method to add information vital to the health and well-being of consumers and the public at large.

Most pail labelers can be operated by a single employee and are simple enough to be used without any previous education or experience. They are available to place either pressure-sensitive, hot melt or cold glue labels. They can handle a number of different label and pail sizes, including odd-shaped and round containers.

Depending on the label size and length, one machine and operator can get up to processing speeds of 15 pails per minute. The label hopper should be able to hold 300 labels of varying sizes, from 89 mm x 26 mm to 200 mm square. The operator can choose whether to have the machine apply glue to the entire label or to save glue by applying it only to the ends of the label.

How Pail Labelers Work

First, the operator puts a pail on the rollers, which begin to rotate the container until the handle is detected by sensors. A label is dispensed and covered by the glue of choice, then automatically placed onto the pail. Once it is finished, the operator can pick up the pail and replace it with the next container on the line.

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