Art Supplies

Written by James Lyons
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Not many people think of magnets as art supplies right away. However, you can use magnets for many different things concerning art. Obviously, the most basic would be to use a magnet to hold up art work on the refrigerator. Well, did you ever think about making your own magnets to hold up photos and drawings? This can be a wonderful way to express your creative talent in your own home.

If you are anything like me, you have hundreds of photos sitting around that you would love to put on display. I have used up much of the extra space in my apartment for photos in frames. However, we all have those photos that aren't quite frame worthy, but we do want to display them. You know what I'm talking about. The refrigerator is a perfect place for this.

You can get pretty creative when you use magnets as art supplies. Not only can you make magnets for special occasions, you can create fun home decorations. Have you ever looked at your lamps and thought that they were boring, but you couldn't figure out what to do with them? Well, you can make magnets. Put the magnet that you decorated on the outside of the lampshade and put another magnet on the inside to hold it in place. You can change them out whenever you like.

Hanging with Art Supplies

A lot of us like hanging things on our walls. This could be anything from photos to paintings to dart boards or a deer's head. For some of the heavier projects, you will need to find the studs in your wall to hammer into. Well, when you use heavy duty magnets as art supplies, you can find the studs by moving the magnet along the wall and noting when it catches, due to the nails inside.

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