Colored Magnets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Colored magnets can give your magnetic sculptures a whole new kick! I love making magnetic sculptures, and I love color, so these are perfect for me. I've got a green living room, a blue kitchen, a pink bedroom, and sculptures made of colored magnets in each and every room!

I used to buy my colored magnets individually, but now I like buying them as part of a rainbow series. You can find a bunch of uniformly shaped discs in a variety of rainbow colors--very cool! I think they look great mixed in with the traditional metal magnets. Mixing silver with color gives you all the warmth and cheer of color, with the coolness and sophistication of metal. It's a great juxtaposition, I think.

Colored Magnets in Mobiles

Like most magnet enthusiasts, I started out by making representational sculptures. I would make, say, a little magnet man playing golf as a gift for my dad, or a little magnet dog for my aunt. For the last several months, however, I have been almost exclusively making non-representational designs.

I like making interesting geometric shapes, then hanging them like mobiles. I still have one of those old rainbow catchers in my kitchen window, and I keep a magnet mobile right next to it. The contrast of glass and metal is a very attractive one.

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