Craft Magnet Supplies

Written by Liza Hartung
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For those who love to do crafts and are looking for some new ideas, you might want to check out craft magnet supplies. If you have never done crafts with magnets before, you will be thrilled to find out all the fun things you can make. You can create jewelry, one-of-a-kind refrigerator magnets or decorations for your home. Once you get one idea in your head, hundreds more will pop up.

Refrigerator magnets are a wonderful craft to make with children. They love to have their artwork hung up on the fridge. Now their artful magnets can hold up their artwork! When you go to the store to get craft magnet supplies, be creative. Get whatever strikes you in the moment. One fun and cute idea is to make a handprint magnet. Your child makes a hand print on poster board. Decorate it, glue it to a magnet and you are all set.

Craft magnet supplies can also be used to make wonderful gifts. You can use them for birthdays, holidays, weddings and anniversaries. It's fun to decorate your fridge depending on the season or upcoming holiday. You can make goblins, ghosts, bats and jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. For Christmas, think about snowflakes, trees, and presents. You can even make a wreath magnet into a frame for a picture!

What to Make with Craft Magnet Supplies

Aside from refrigerator magnets, you can get very creative with magnets. You can use them for decorations around your home. Put them on lampshades and swap them out when you want a different look. Magnets are also great to use as clasps on purses or pockets. You can make cute carrying bags and hold them together with a ring magnet and a disk magnet. Just have fun.

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