Craft Magnets

Written by Liza Hartung
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For those with a little crafty edge, you will want to know about craft magnets. You can do so many fun things with magnets. Probably the most popular craft to do with magnets is to make decorative refrigerator magnets. These are fun for people of any age. Children have a blast making them and parents usually get more involved than they originally intended to. You can also create intricate refrigerator magnets and sell them at craft fairs.

Kids and Craft Magnets

Making refrigerator magnets is a perfect craft to do with children. Not only can they see their artwork on the refrigerator, but it can be held in place by another piece of their art work. You can get magnets in craft stores. You want strong magnets, but nothing that will pinch too hard if it gets near a magnetic surface. You also want magnets big enough to glue on.

Then, just go around the craft store and pick up a bunch of fun stuff. You might want to try felt, puff balls, beads, glitter, yarn, paint, wood pieces or whatever inspires you while you are there. You may have a theme in mind, or you might let yourself just wander the aisles and see what you come up with. Both are perfectly acceptable. Craft magnets are for you to let loose on.

It's also a fun idea to make craft magnets for holidays or seasons. You can make gingerbread magnets, snowflakes, or Santa Claus for Christmas. For Easter you can make bunnies, baskets and decorative eggs. These make wonderful gifts. You can personalize magnets for all occasions. Decorate a magnetic frame for someone's birthday, wedding or anniversary. You will see your gift every time you visit his or her house.

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