Custom Magnets

Written by James Lyons
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Do you have a business or something that you would like to advertise that could use custom magnets? These are a great way to advertise. People take your magnets and put them on their refrigerators. Everyone looks at their refrigerator at least once a day. I know that I have had a magnet advertising insurance on my fridge for the longest time. People want magnets because they want to hang things on their refrigerators.

Even if someone has no current interest in what the magnet is advertising, they are still likely to use it. If you really want to make sure that your custom magnets end up on people's refrigerators, you will invest in frame magnets. This is a magnet in the shape of a frame. Your business logo or advertisement goes around the edges. People can now put the magnet over a photo to create a fun little frame.

Other Uses for Custom Magnets

These magnets aren't just for businesses. You can use them as gifts, party favors or for your own fun. Let's say you are having a graduation party for one of your children, and lots of his friends are going to be there. You can give out little frame magnets that say something like, "Congratulations Class of (whatever year it is)!" Parents and kids alike will love this. You can do something similar for birthday parties.

You can get custom magnets made for the family. If you have nicknames for everyone, you can get them printed on magnets and use them on your fridge. You can even get some magnets made after a certain event. Then, if you had any little inside jokes come up, you can have them printed on the magnet. You will rarely lose your magnets because they will always be stuck to the fridge!

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