Disk Magnets

Written by Liza Hartung
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You can get disk magnets in all sorts of sizes. You can get them less than a quarter of the size of a penny on up to about 200 times the size of a penny. It all depends on what project you are doing. What do you need this magnet for? I will give you some ideas, but you probably have something in mind already. Even if you don't want to do some of the things that I suggest, they may spur some new ideas in you.

You can use the smaller ones for jewelry and decoration. Small magnets are perfect for this. Make sure you get the neodymium magnets. They are the strongest. When you are dealing with tiny magnets, you are going to need strength. The smaller ones are great for earrings. Maybe you like the look of pierced earrings, but don't want to get your ears pierced. The smaller strong magnets will hold through your earlobe. Decorate how you wish or leave them alone so they look like little studs.

Uses for Disk Magnets

Did you know that you can clean out an aquarium using disk magnets? This isn't something that is very well known, but it works very well. This prevents you from ever having to plunge your hand into dirty water again. Take a good sized disk magnet and put it completely inside your usual scrubbing brush. Then, use an equally good sized magnet on the outside of the aquarium to guide the scrubber along the inner walls of the tank. That was easy!

For those out there who like holistic methods of healing, you can use disk magnets to help heal ailments. This is something that has no medical proof as of yet, but many people swear by the healing powers of magnets. If you want to check this out, you can look up more information on the Internet or at a bookstore or library.

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