Educational Toys

Written by Liza Hartung
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Aren't educational toys fun? I still enjoy the little game where you pull a string and it says, "The cow goes, 'Moo.'" Toys can teach children all sorts of things about the world. In fact, children learn much more effectively when they are playing with toys. Adults, too, have fun with toys and learn quite well when having a good time.

One item that most people don't initially think of as being educational is the magnet. Sure, you use them all the time to put up photos and drawings on the refrigerator, but did you ever stop to consider what they could be teaching your children? For instance, the entire planet has a huge magnetic field. This is what helps keep us safe from the sun and other particles in the universe.

Also, we can tell direction based on the magnetic field of the earth. Compasses work because of the magnetic north and south poles. In fact, they are moving at a speed of about 26 miles a year. Right now, magnetic north is in northern Canada. If it continues to move this way, it will be in Siberia by the year 2050. Magnets and magnetic fields are great for educational toys.

Educational Toys You Never Thought were Educational

Using magnets as educational toys can be very fun. They are used all the time in junior high science classes. You can experiment with putting different ends of the magnets together. When you put opposite poles toward each other, they will attract. Poles that are the same will repel. You can use the repelling sides to levitate magnets.

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