Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Ferrofluids are the next step for people who love magnets. Ferrofluids are, to put it simply, liquid magnets. Pour Ferrofluids onto a plate, place rare earth magnets underneath, and watch amazing shapes unfold.

Ferrofluids and Magnetic Sculptures

I love magnetic sculptures. I love the tension between the permanence and impermanence of them. They seem as solid as marble, but once you shift them, you realize they are as mutable and impermanent as a Tibetan sand mandala. With magnetic liquid, you can take these contrasts to a whole new level.

For instance, the magnetic liquid seems solid, once you place NIB magnets underneath it. They create these really fantastic spikes--larger spikes or smaller, more numerous spikes, depending on the grade and size of the magnet. When you touch the "solid" spike, however, you end up with an oily finger. It is, in fact, a viscous liquid, a little like motor oil in appearance.

Science teachers love Ferrofluid. It's cheap, it's cool, and it really grabs the students' attention. You can find it online, either through a store that sells magnets, or a store that sells educational products.

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