Heavy Duty Magnets

Written by James Lyons
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Most ordinary day-to-day magnet tasks don't require the use of heavy duty magnets; however, they can come in quite handy for certain projects. If you are a carpenter of any kind, you will find many uses for strong magnets. You can get big ones that have handles attached to them. This comes in "handy" (sorry) when you need to pick up large pieces of metal walls, beams or doors. Just attach the magnet with the handle and pick it up with ease.

When you are using a screwdriver, it can be a pain to keep the screw in place until it really takes hold. You can get a magnet that will magnetize your screwdriver to keep the screw in place until you get it in the wall or board. This is very convenient. Also, how many of us hate it when we are doing projects with nails, screws, nuts and bolts and just as we think we have it in place, it drops behind some big piece of furniture or into a vent?

This situation can be very frustrating, especially if you just bought a desk or some other such thing that requires assembly, and it only came with the exact number of screws and nails needed to put it together. This is where very long and thin heavy duty magnets come into play. You simply slide the magnet to where you think you lost your nail, and the nail will attach to the magnet.

Organization with Heavy Duty Magnets

You can use heavy duty magnets as a way to organize around the home without having to put dangerous hooks all over the place. You can keep knives and other utensils attached to a bar magnet in your kitchen. Many restaurants use this method for easy access to all their cooking supplies. You can also put a smaller one next to your front door so you can attach your keys. This is a good idea if you tend to misplace them often.

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