Magnet Sculptures

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Making magnet sculptures is so much fun. You can go way beyond the basics, although for a lot of people, basic magnet sculptures are their favorites. I started out by making funny little sculptures as gifts for people. I would make magnet sculptures of dogs, or golfers, or dancers, and give them out for my friends and family to keep on their desks or in their homes.

Making Magnet Sculptures

The best magnets to use are a type of rare earth magnets known as NIB magnets. NIB stands for Neodymium Iron Boron, or NdFeB. The other popular variety of rare earth magnets is known as Samarium Cobalt. This type of magnet costs more than NIBs, and weighs more, so I don't like it nearly as much.

You can start out by following someone else's design. You can find designs for NIB sculptures on the same websites where you find the NIBs themselves, or you can buy a book. People who love sculpting with magnets are usually pretty proud of their designs, so it's easy to find designs for free.

Once people get into sculpting, they usually stop doing representational stuff, and move on to non-representational, geometric designs. This get really intricate, and very pretty. Creating them is relaxing and fun. Just make sure to keep the NIBs at least a foot away from your computer hard drive, and your credit cards!

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