Magnetic Catches

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Magnetic catches are inexpensive and easy to install. You can also find magnetic catches in a variety of colors and sizes. If your cabinets are driving you nuts because they keep swinging open, then magnetic catches are a really simple, cheap way to keep them closed.

Magnetic Catches and Feng Shui

Keeping cabinets closed is one aspect of feng shui, a system of order, placement, and energy that has become very popular in America only recently. Although the rules and systems involved in this practice are myriad, the basics are easy to understand. If something is broken, fix it. If a space is messy, clean it. If it's cluttered, clear it up.

Basically, if something is driving you crazy, like a cabinet door that always swings open after you close it, just fix it. It's like the bachelor who pulls all his clothes out of a dark closet, because the light bulb has burned out, and he won't take the time to just stand on a chair and change the bulb. Feng shui, in my completely layman, American terms, is all about getting on the chair and changing the bulb as soon as it burns out.

Fortunately, cabinet catches are just so cheap, and so easy to install. Door catches are a bit more complicated and pricey. Still, just about anyone should be able to install one of these catches.

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