Magnetic Levitation

Written by James Lyons
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If you have ever wanted to have a little fun with friends, family or children, you might be interested to hear about magnetic levitation. This is when you use one magnet to seemingly levitate another magnet. It's all about the force between the two magnets. There is no magic involved, but it certainly appears that way. You want to make sure you have the right strength magnets, and that they are the correct distance away from each other.

To do magnetic levitation, you will need one strong magnet and one smaller, less strong magnet. Place the stronger magnet above the little one. Watch as the little magnet starts to move upward in the air toward it. If you have the magnets too close together, the little one will jump and stick to the bigger one. If they are too far apart, the little one won't even move.

Create an Entertaining Show with Magnetic Levitation

Once you have the basics down with your magnets and levitation, you can come up with a pretty fun little show. If you have children, you can either perform it for them of have them help you and then show it to someone else. You can also have fun with this at a party. Come up with a presentation. Cover your magnets with fabric or put them inside of a stuffed animal. This way, you disguise what it really going on.

Kids will definitely have a good time with magnetic levitation, particularly if they are Harry Potter fans. Imagine your kids being able to levitate objects! They will become instant magicians and you get to see the big smiles on their faces.

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