Written by Liza Hartung
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We are all familiar with magnets in one main way: the refrigerator. I don't know a single person who doesn't have at least one magnet on his or her refrigerator. It may be that little floppy one with the car insurance logo on it, but it's there and it's holding up a photo. Have you ever really wondered about this little habit many of us have? Why do we put photos and drawings done by toddlers on the appliance that holds our food?

Well, my guess is because so many of us head to the kitchen and into the refrigerator so often. We may not even be hungry, but there we are, standing with the door open, checking to make sure all the food that was there an hour ago is still there. Or, if you're like me, you're wondering if any food has materialized in the past hour. After that depressing moment, I close the refrigerator door and there, staring at me, are photos of my friends and boyfriend, and adorable drawings by my cousin. I have no idea what the drawings are.

Decorative Magnets

I must say, though, that it is fun when you find the right magnet for the right photo or drawing. I have been to some homes where a refrigerator magnet was practically an art form. They had a magnet from everywhere they have ever been, and they were usually photo frame magnets. Those are fun. They're the ones where the frame has the magnet attached to it, so you don't have to just slap your photo on the fridge with a magnet in the corner.

I have only been talking about magnets on refrigerators, but there are hundreds of other uses for the magnet that most people don't even know about. For instance, they can be used as jewelry. My parents wouldn't let me get my ears pierced until I was 12 years old. I really wanted them done. One day, my dad and I were in the mall and we came across magnet earrings.

The magnets were so tiny that I thought there was no way they would work. You put one magnet on the back of your ear lobe and the magnet that attached to the front was usually a little stud. What resulted was the look of a pierced ear. I kept trying to convince my dad to get one so that my mom would flip out, but he wouldn't do it. The magnetic earrings worked great. They never fell off, and all my friends thought I had my ears pierced.

Fun with Magnets

Sometimes you can just have fun playing with a magnet or two. One day, my dad came home from work and he had these doughnut-shaped magnets that were really strong. He came up with several games to play using them. First was to see how close you could get the two together without having them touch. This was quite a task considering how strong they were.

The next game was to see how far away from the refrigerator we could hold the magnet, let go, and still have it hit the fridge instead of falling to the floor. Ah, the simple amusements of life! I felt pretty cool that we had such strong magnets. I would show them to my friends when they came over. It sounds silly, but we all thought these were really fun, but only for a few minutes.

You can do some pretty neat things if you have the right magnet. If you are ever getting rid of your computer or television and you want to see something wild, hold the magnet up to the screen. You will ruin it, so I don't suggest doing this on something you are going to need. There is also a way to fix your monitor or television screen by using a magnet. I still wouldn't try it unless you know the fix is going to work.

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