Monster Magnets

Written by James Lyons
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Monster magnets are exactly what they sound like. They are really strong magnets. They are the monster of all magnets. They hold like you wouldn't believe, and they hold a lot. If you ever get in between two of these magnets that are headed for each other, you'd best move as fast as you can. You will get pinched and hurt if you are too close. Even the smaller ones will give pretty good blood blisters.

You can actually hang from monster magnets if you so choose. They will literally support a person's weight. They are also a great idea for a construction site or when cleaning up your garage. Does anyone here like picking up nails, nuts, bolts and other garage surprises one by one so you don't step on them later? I think not. This is where a monster magnet can come in quite handy.

Just take your monster magnet and drag it around near the ground. Even a monster magnet the size of a quarter will pick up all these potential foot-threats. Monster magnets are a great idea for people working in construction, particularly when building a home or other such place. You don't want the owners to come by to see how things are going and have them worrying about stepping on nails. When you're done at the end of each day, make a quick sweep with your magnet.

Monster Magnets--Not for the Weak

Sometimes people just like experimenting with a magnet of the monster variety. They like to see how much it will hold and how far away other objects can be that the magnet will still attract. If you are one of these experimental-type people, I suggest keeping the magnet away from things that use magnetic storage, or you could do some serious damage. These are things like credit cards, hard drives, VHS tapes, film and cassettes.

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