Nascar Magnets

Written by Liza Hartung
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If you can't get enough of race cars whipping around a track at speeds that would kill an old lady, you might want to take a little of the magic home with NASCAR magnets. Imagine having a magnet with your favorite driver, car or car number on your refrigerator. Now imagine having your entire fridge plastered with all the car racing magnets you can find. You can pin up the photos of you at the latest race with a NASCAR magnet!

Let's say that you aren't particularly excited by NASCAR. However, you do have friends or relatives who are. Well, NASCAR magnets make perfect gifts. I know some of you are thinking, "If I gave one magnet to my brother/mother/best friend as a gift and nothing else, they would not be happy." Well, a NASCAR magnet is also a great idea to use as a "pre-gift." Put one in the envelope with your card. You can also attach it to the top of your gift.

Be a True Fan with NASCAR Magnets

When you can't be at a race, when there isn't one to go to, or there isn't one on TV, but you need that racing fix, you can just look at your refrigerator. Hey, did you know you can stick magnets on your car as well? If you are truly a fan, and if your workplace lends itself to this, you can put NASCAR magnets on file cabinets. Just be sure to keep the magnets away from computers, as they can mess up the monitor and hard drive.

Just think that every time you go to your fridge for a nice cold drink, you can see your magnet of Tony Stewart, Ricky Rudd, Rusty Wallace or Dale Earnhardt. Here's a little idea if you have any NASCAR-watching parties--you can place bets on the race and whoever wins get some magnets! It'll be a blast.

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