Neodymium Magnets

Written by James Lyons
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Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets out there. They are made primarily with the element neodymium, or Nd on the periodic table. With this element, magnets are now able to be made stronger, smaller and more affordable. All of these are great improvements are for people who work with big industrial magnets on down to people who just want to hang photos and drawings on their refrigerators.

I hate it when I go to hang two pictures with the same magnet on my fridge and it isn't strong enough. Then the magnet starts sliding down the front of the refrigerator and inevitably, one of the photos goes fluttering to the ground. So then I try to do the whole not-let-the-photos-overlap thing, hoping that will work. Well, it doesn't. Then I look to see if my other magnets are holding up things that are really necessary. If they aren't, I will steal the magnet for my current need.

Well, everything on my fridge is there for a reason and I like it that way. I can think of two possible options in this situation: one, get more magnets, or two, get stronger magnets. Well, I might do both since I have more things I want to put up there. Neodymium magnets would be the perfect things to solve this problem. With the medium sized ones, you can practically hold up an entire magazine.

The Strength of Neodymium Magnets

You cannot possibly believe how strong these magnets are until you actually see them. Most of us just think of the little rinky-dink ones on the fridge. Well, if you haven't seen neodymium magnets in real life, I suggest finding some photos on the Internet of what they can do. You will see people handing from them. You will see quarter-sized magnets picking up a whole lot of junk off a garage floor. These magnets are very useful.

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