Permanent Magnets

Written by Liza Hartung
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Does anyone know the difference between permanent magnets and electromagnets? Well, let me tell you. An electromagnet is made by running a current through a wire. This creates a magnetic field. You can thus turn the magnet on and off. This is very useful when you have to move large objects. An electromagnet would be of much use in a junk yard where you have to move cars around. You turn the magnet on to pick it up, and turn it off to drop it.

Permanent magnets, however, are where the magnetic field can not be turned on or off. This is what we all have on our refrigerators. It's easy to pull them off of your refrigerator, so there is no need to shut down the magnetic field. These kinds of magnets are great for everyday use. You can use them in the kitchen, garage, home or for crafts or construction sites.

Things to Do with Permanent Magnets

Aside from just tacking up photos and drawings on your fridge, there are many other ways your magnets can come in handy. You will have to have some of the stronger magnets, though. Make sure you have a neodymium magnet. They are stronger, smaller and cheaper than ever before. You will need this kind of strength for the projects you will be doing.

If you have a fish tank, you can clean it with permanent magnets. Never thought of that before, have you? Put one magnet inside your usual cleaning brush. Drop it in the tank. Take another magnet on the outside of the tank, and guide your brush around the tank. Never again will you have to put your hand in that water. You can come up with lots of things to do with magnets.

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