Powerful Magnets

Written by Liza Hartung
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Powerful magnets can be used for more things than you ever knew. Yes, we all know that they hold up that pretty painting of who-knows-what on the refrigerator, but did you know that magnets can clean coolant systems in cars? Did you know that they may have the ability to help heal physical ailments? We all think of magnets as having one or two main functions, but magnets have a hold on many different fields.

Powerful magnets are extraordinarily helpful around the house. If you are ever having problems trying to keep doors open or closed, you can simply attach a magnet to the door, one to the wall and you are all set. Just make sure that you have the right strength magnet. You don't want it to be so weak that the door keeps moving, but you don't want it to be so strong that you can pull them apart.

You can also use strong magnets to help find studs in your wall when you are hanging pictures or putting up shelves. Your powerful magnet will stick when you pass by the nails in the stud behind the sheet rock. This will tell you where to hammer your nail. Another around-the-house use for powerful magnets is the garage. You can put some powerful bar magnets along a wall and literally hold up your gardening tools, hammers and even a shovel. With magnets, you don't have to worry about hanging things on potentially dangerous hooks.

Fun with Powerful Magnets

Sometimes you just want to have fun, and you can do so with these magnets. You can create your own magic tricks. Just having a small powerful magnet hidden in your pocket leaves you open to endless magic trick possibilities. You can also use really small ones to look like a piercing in your ears or nose.

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