Ring Magnets

Written by Liza Hartung
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Ring magnets can be used for many different things. If you are wondering what, exactly, a ring magnet is, it's very simple. It is a magnet that is shaped like a doughnut, with a hole in the middle. My father brought these home from work one day. They were about two inches across and three-quarters of an inch thick. All we ever used them for were the refrigerator and fun.

These are very strong magnets. They worked well on our fridge because we could hold flyers, brochures and several photos with one magnet. This was certainly a change from the magnets we were used to having. The magnets that fell when you tried to put more than one sheet of paper under them were the ones we used to have. Isn't that annoying? You just want a magnet to do its job.

Experiments with Ring Magnets

It's great fun to make ring magnets levitate. The force of opposition when like poles come near each other is greater than the force of gravity. This is a fun experiment for anyone, especially children. Take a pencil or some other straight and non-metal object and put it upright. You can hold it in place with putty or whatever you come up with. Then put one ring magnet on. When you put on the other magnet, making sure like sides are facing each other, the top ring magnet will appear to float or levitate.

Some people also believe in the healing power of magnets. The ring variety is especially thought to do wonders because of how similar its energy field is to that of the Earth's. Some people will place ring magnets on their body to help heal ailments such as spinal injury, muscle aches or even the common cold. For more information on magnetic therapy, I suggest searching the Internet or going to a bookstore.

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