Strong Magnets

Written by James Lyons
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Strong magnets are things that most everyone could use. Even if you think that you never use magnets, I guarantee that you could find something useful to do with a magnet. We all like to hang a little painting or photo on the fridge. However, some people use the refrigerator as a virtual social center. It has brochures, activity schedules and coupons plastered all over it.

If that sounds like your refrigerator, you will need some seriously strong magnets to hold everything. You know how those rinky-dink ones just don't do it? Well, imagine being able to hold several sheets of paper, or even a small magazine, to your fridge. That would be nice. I don't even have a lot of things on my fridge, but what I do have could use a stronger magnet. I hate it when I add a photo and both the photo and the magnet go sliding down the front.

What to Do with Strong Magnets

There are many practical uses for strong magnets. There are also many things that you can just do for fun. As far as practicality goes, you can use magnets to find studs in your wall when you want to hang things. Glide the magnet along your wall. It will stick when it hits the nails in the stud. Now you know where to hammer. You can also put magnets in your kitchen so that you can hang knives and utensils from them.

If you want to have a little fun with your magnets, you can levitate them. If you get two ring magnets, you can place them over an uncooked piece of spaghetti or a pencil. Make sure you put like poles together. This way, the top one will appear to levitate over the bottom one. You can come up with all sorts of magic tricks when it comes to magnets.

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