Super Magnets

Written by James Lyons
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The term "super magnets" is a very general representation of several families of rare-earth magnets. Most regular magnets are made of some alloy, each of these alloys having different properties that enable the molecules to be aligned north to south. This "property" lets the steel become "magnetic" to different degrees. These alloys of steel are cast and cooled at very specific rates so as not to remove their properties.

After that, these alloys are subjected to a very strong electrical field for an incredibly short span of time on a unique machine with large coils of wire on it, and huge capacitors that release through the coils. The field is created and buckled several times over a span of time until the magnetic field is established. In simpler terms, these magnets are remarkably powerful and last a long time.

Neodymium Magnets Are Super Magnets

Some of the most powerful magnets are made of a material called Neodymium. Neodymium is an element found on the periodic table (Nd). Neodymium magnets are typically less expensive, smaller and more powerful than what used to be available. They are like the laptops of magnets. These super magnets have exhibited incredible power and durability, literally capable of holding up a person.

People purchase magnets for a million different reasons because magnets have a million different applications. For many, magnets are considered an art form because of the imaginative freedom they give people. The possibilities expand when you own super magnets. If you want to build a seismometer, perform a magic trick, or make jewelry, magnets are your keys to that realm of possibilities.

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