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Clear Plastic

Written by Jill Morrison
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Clear plastic is a common material in manufacturing different parts. Plastic is versatile, yet low in cost. Plastic is commonly used in the manufacturing process, injection molding.

Injection Molding of Clear Plastic

Injection molding begins with melting clear plastic pellets into a liquid. The liquid is then injected into a specific mold design. After cooling the plastic product may be removed from the mold.

There are many types of clear plastic elements that can be used for injection molding. Some examples include acrylic, polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, polyester, PVC, polyurethane, and polystyrene. The type of material that you choose will depend on the type of product you are trying to create.

The design for plastic injection molding is important. Walls should be even in thickness so that the product remains durable. It is also wise to round corners and have some angles in the design to minimize stress to the product upon removal from its mold.

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